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What's with that turtle?
The story of my turtle logo:

After some mulling over and a few yards of trace, I settled on, in a tongue-in-cheek nod to the current emphasis on branding, an ACTUAL brand - a small turtle tattoo.

In keeping with traditional Polynesian imagery and symbolism, the turtle is comprised of dolphins (in the fins), and a gekko (very stylized in the body).

The turtle is a symbol of fertility, which I have co-opted to mean fertility of ideas; it also symbolizes wisdom because of its long life.

The dolphin is all about joy, exuberance, and creative self-expression and also represents intelligence & sociability.

The gekko - my favorite part - has mystical properties and is often regarded with fear and awe in Polynesian culture. The traditional gecko circle represents the cyclical nature of life; they are a symbol of transformation - death and rebirth - and because they are twilight and night creatures,their role is that of the dream keepers and shape-shifters.

The color green: growing up in a large family, my 5 siblings and I usually received similar items, distinguished only by color; i.e.; table place settings, cups, napkin rings, etc. I was green.
Over time, it 'became' me.
And lucky for me, it also symbolizes the sustainable architecture and sustainable life-style movement that has re-emerged, and for which I am a proponent.

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